The Candid Eye

March 24, 2009

This can happen only in India !!

A bartender in England who had completed a six week crash course in English in order to earn a better living (more tip from customers..),  misrepresented facts about her real name, identity, educational qualifications, family background and stood in the parliamentary elections and became a Member of Parliament and finally became influential person in Indian politics.That person is Edvige Antonia Albina Maino alias Sonia Gandhi!! It’s a shame on congress party to have her as a leader unquestioned for so many years.It doesnt take great deal of courage or power to have answers for these questions. It simply requires to be an Indian!!Has she ever agreed for a public debate with leaders of opposition or for any issues of public interest. Few interviews are given by her to so called Indian secular media.Any person with an iota of IQ could easily figure that out as staged.She has become influential person in Indian politics by crooked means and will not hesitate to do anything to grab power and people’s hard earned money.A bartender becoming a primeminister of world’s greatest democracy is not possible unless until that person is skilled and great leader.Obviously she is neither skilled nor a leader capable of leading a party with original thinkers.She is best suited for leading a party with similar crooked people and she has been doing that so far and thus she has made people of India to suffer from her whimsical acts for these many years.She has to pay the price for it.BTW I have come across this interesting document on web.

Antonia Maino’s Cambridge Education:

Know your Sonia Book 1

Know your Sonia Book 2

Know your Sonia Book 3



  1. Nice article!!

    Comment by Kumar — March 24, 2009 @ 2:07 AM | Reply

  2. In India, it seems the democracy has become a toy in the hands of few families. Earlier the ruler would crown his son as King, now the same tradition is upheld in families with rule, handing over the leadership to someone in family, whether qualified or not. And then that leader comes to power through muscle power and money power. This won’t be accepted anymore, as the educated class of India wakes up.

    Comment by amk — March 24, 2009 @ 6:51 AM | Reply

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